Monday, August 22, 2011

Aspect oriented programming and Invisible Lanaguage programming

The Progamming world has been progressing very fast and we can see lot of innovations in past few decades. The programming world started with structured programming languagues ( like C ) and slowly progressed to object-oriented programming ( like C++ Java C#) .... for many years programmers are very much used to write programs in object oriented languages and slowly the programming mindset has chaged..Programmers became lazy ( lazy of typing programs in english) and started thinking about
generating the source code instead of manually writing the source code. Then Aspect oriented programming is born(code Generation and code Injection) and now a days programmers are using code generation and code injection for generating UI's, Generating Compilers (for Ex: ANTLR) and Generating Data Access Layers (NHibernate, Entityframework etc)

In this era of aspect oriented programming, many companies and universities are still using english alphabets to write code (almost all progamming languages uses english alphabets and words rite..for ex C# C++)...have you ever thought of writing programs using your our own mother tounge language alphabets? (like in Telugu, Hindi etc)? Have you ever thought of writing programs using non-Alphabet characters (like @#$%^ etc)...Have you ever thought of writing programs only using white spaces and tabs ? ( Invisible code :))...Here is an interesting programming  language using which we can write programs with Whitespaces and tabs. It was developed by folks in durham university. have a look at it at :

This programming language is very useful for the purpose of secret messaging especially for security establishmentss...Instead of sending the message directly we can use this programming language and send messages or code which is totally 'Invisible' . Also, I hope some day we all will get a chance to code
in our own mother tounge language characters ( Telugu Hindi etc). I heard about some of these compilers and execution environments which are already in the pipeline. Though this languages doesn't mean much to indians they might be very useful for the countries where English is not the official medium of instruction.

There is another interesting product called ANTLR which was developed by Terence Par. If we know grammatic descriptions for a language we can construct the corresponding compiler, interpreter and translator for a variety of target languages like C++ C# and Java. Suppose we know the grammatic descriptions of a X Language then we can construct the corresponding compiler and interepreter for that X Language and start coding in that X Language.

Pretty interesting right!.. Hope some day all programmers stop using the available programming languguages and start writing the compilers and interpreters for X language and will start coding in that X Language which is the language of our choice :).... This kind of solutions are particularly useful in the code generation process. Hava a look at ANTLR at :

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