Sunday, December 12, 2010

Interesting Database Management Systems

Recently I was looking for highly scalable database management systems (other than RDBMS) and the following ones caught my attention. 

Object database management systems:
ODBMS products like Cache claim that it can run SQL 5 times faster than relational databases. They also enable extraordinary transaction processing speed, massive scalability, and real-time queries against transactional data with minimal maintenance and hardware requirements.Have a look at Cache ODBMS @
There are also other good ODBMS products like Gemstone, Cerebrum, db4o of which db4o is an open source, fully functional ODBMS with nice documentation. Have a look at it @

NoSQL database management systems:
 These databases are referred as structured database management systems, which scale horizontally and don’t need fixed table schemas. They can service heavy read/write workloads when compared to traditional RDBMS.   Some of the popular NoSQL database management systems include Google’s BigTable, Amazon’s Dynamo, and Apache Cassandra.

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