Friday, October 31, 2008

Interesting questions – Expert answers Part 1

Here are some of the questions i asked to Krzysztof Cwalina (Reusable frameworks design guru & PM@Microsoft) on 31 Oct 2008.

Question (Gopala) : Is there any compiler available which can compile a code file (CodeFile.SomeExt) containing mixture of

1. C# ( around 10 classes)
2. VB.NET ( around 10 classes)
3. IL code too (around 500 lines).

If not, can we make one? By any chance does Microsoft is in the process of developing such compiler?

Answer(Krzysztof) : As to mixing vb and C# code, it's tricky but can be done with ILasm and ILdasm. i.e ILDasm into IL and then combine the streams and them merge them with ILasm.

Question (Gopala) : As .NET is open source (as per scott's Blog) can we spy on the code written to develop CLR and GC (algorithm and code)?
As per my knowledge code for CLR is written in VC++ .I have gone through CLI and the shared source available in CodePlex but couldn't find the code written for CLR and GC.
Also, if we get to know all the source code of .NET framework (CLR code etc) why .NET framework is not termed as pure open source?
If this is not true, how much percent of the .NET framework is open source?

Answer(Krzysztof) : Yes, the license of the framework source release allows you to inspect the code and learn from it. That's what it was intended for.

Question (Gopala) : I have 1000 lines of C# code with me. I would like to figure out how many lines of code runs under CLR (managed) and how many lines of code doesn't ( unmanaged code if any) . I tried to spy on IL code and could be able to figure out keywords like managed and unmanaged. Is this the right way to figure out what I am looking for?

Answer(Krzysztof) : C# is only managed code, so in 1000 lines of C# code, there are 1000 lines of managed code :-)

Question (Gopala) : Any Certifications available in "Application Frameworks" development domain? Other than .NET Base class Library Forum is there any forum available on the net where we can find discussion about "Application Frameworks"?

Answer(Krzysztof) : There are some cerfifications for for the whole .net framework. Just search for "Microsoft certification" and you should find something. There are no certifications just for the application framework that I am aware of.

Though I asked lot many questions i could be able to remember only these ones.
Guys,Try to answer my questions or Feel free to put comments\ suggestions.

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